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By Johannes Hofmann

April 18, 2016

While hotel rents per room are getting more expensive, villa vacation rentals are getting more attractive, often delivering  more space, a pool you don’t have to share and amenities for less than you would spend on a hotel ( cock with your friends, or special concierge services like 360Luxury VIP). But finding the right Villa in the Caribbean can be a disheartening task.

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Why should you rent your villa with 360Luxury to market my vacation home?

It’s quite a simple decision; 360Luxury is the most efficient way to exploit the return on your treasured vacation home investment. We’ll help you to multiply revenue and more bookings by present your property to luxury clients who might not otherwise hear about your gorgeous home.

We operate an excellent squad of experts in SEO, PPC, social media and web design. And our email campaigns reach out to perceptive villa renters, all looking for their next outstanding vacation experience! As a member of the 360Luxury collection, we’ll provide you with unprecedented reach and exposure to the wealthy luxury travelers you are looking for.

And you’ll welcome that we bring a turnkey booking solution to your door. Unlike other listing sites, we handle all the personalized guest queries service, bookings request, payments and travel details on your behalf. Imagine how this could comfort your life and how much free time you would gain!

Luxury Rental Villa

Casa Kimball is an exceptional Caribbean destination. An exclusive and private villa located on the emergent north coast of the island of the Dominican Republic

How much does it cost to work with 360Luxury?

We trust in a pay-for-accomplishment model. You pay a commission based on the dollar revenu of the booking that bring you – and nothing more. There are no additional  membership fees to work with us. In fact, we take care of everything that’s needed to showcase your property online – including professional copywriting, creating amazing virtual tours and pictures created by our team of creative professionals.

Once your rental villa is operating on our rental page, you will be involved in our extensive email and web-based campaigns and our third party marketing creativities, also zero cost to you.

Luxury Rental Villa

How do I add my villa to the 360Luxury Collection?

Please let us know more about your beautiful vacation home by filling out our online form. It is particularly important to include some of your website details, if you have one. Should your villa fit the criteria we are looking  in your vacation destination, a Marketing Manager will get in touch with you to you to discuss how we might partner up.