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Surfing for the perfect Vacation Rental created by the specialist of 360 Luxury.

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By Johannes Hofmann

April 18, 2016

While hotel rents per room are getting more expensive, villa vacation rentals are getting more attractive, often delivering  more space, a pool you don’t have to share and amenities for less than you would spend on a hotel ( cock with your friends, or special concierge services like 360Luxury VIP). But finding the right Villa in the Caribbean can be a disheartening task.

The Internet has made it possible for Homeowners to post a listing. And vacation travelers can spend days in searching and researching online. Currently, there is no one-stop shopping site,  a lot of them claim to be best price guarantees, but each option has nuances, and some are better than others, depending what you want. In the luxury segment the customers are more service orientated, they have less time, and they want to make qualified decisions, which sometime is not possible by viewing just photos from a brochure. One of the best solutions in the luxury market is created by the 360Luxury online booking platform. Stunning and breathtaking Virtual tours exploring every corner in 360 views gives the customer the perfect tool to explore their dream villa and dream destinations in all perspectives. All information is displayed in one virtual room, pictures, magazines, videos, 360 videos and on top the possibility to view everything in virtual reality.

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360Luxury is a pioneer in the couch-surfing virtual reality tour booking applications, like no one else in the top market are providing such a great customer experience. But that’s just the beginning. The whole vacation booking process is tailored to save time for their clients, provide a boot on the ground concierge service and 24/7 reliability.

So what is the best  vacation rental website to list my luxury home on?

We think 360Luxury provides an exceptional service for homeowners, online login accounts, top revenues and we are working only with the best people to optimize our marketing for each villa rental.

Vacation rental behemoth 360 Luxury has launched this luxury rental portal, allowing travelers to browse and book more high-end properties beyond the standard offerings.

The new product line, 360 Luxury Rentals, features of luxury properties in the Caribbean. The properties range from luxury villas to expansive estates with access to a gourmet kitchen and a private yacht.

Each property has been individually vetted, verified and approved by our 360Luxury team and independent location manager and  travel specialist.

Bottom line: 360Luxury offer a wide range of accommodations, including luxury homes and yachts, designed for the luxury travel market.


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